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Secret Lair: Read the Fine Print

Secret Lair: Read the Fine Print

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Just�like�how�all�of us�always�read the full terms of service agreement, it's important to�scrutinize�the fine print of any contract.�If Liliana had, she would have�discovered�that upon the death of her demonic sponsors�the�control of her�contract�defaulted�to someone much more� Bolas-y. To celebrate the spooky season and this cool piece of�Magic�history, we asked artist ZIUK to lend us his considerable talents to portray Liliana and her demons in their full, gold-plated glory. Whether you want to play these cards or just stare at them forever, they�can be yours - no demonic contract required.�


1x Demonlord�Belzenlok�
1x Kothophed, Soul Hoarder�
1x Liliana's Contract�
1x Razaketh, the�Foulblooded�

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