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Welcome fellow adventurer, we are pleased to present our very own Minecraft RPG server! Please read the details below, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Quick Information

Server IP:

Difficulty: Easy

Modded: Yes (Server Side Only)

Player Rules

Please read through all the rules below before playing on our server. If these rules are not followed, it may result in a permanent ban across our server(s) presently or in the future. We strive for excellence with our players so the game is fun for all ages. If you feel that someone is violating any of the rules, please contact one of The Forge associates immediately.

  • No Racism/Sexism

  • Be Respectful

  • No Cheating/Exploiting

  • No Trolling - This includes but not limited to; blocking others in, destroying or adding onto other individuals structure(s) without their permission(s), and any other unwanted griefing.

Need to report poor behavior?

If you are in need to report either an Admin or Player for breaking any of the above rules, please utilize the link below. All information will be required as we will need to review server logs. The more information the better and more timely it is for us to review.

Report Form: WIP

Server Mods

This server is running many mods. These mods are all server side meaning that you the player do not need to download any of them. We can however, add mods that do change some visual aspects of the game. those mods would require you to download and install those. If we add those, we will have a how to on those installations.

What are mods?

Mods are game enhancements/modifications utilized for changing in game experience. We have many on our server that changes plenty of the base game aspects. Utilize the below mod pages for review of what we are running and the commands that you may need to know.

Do I need to do anything?

For the most part no, but there are some that if you want to take advantage of you will need to learn their commands. We will have posted below all the mod URLs so you can see what we are running.

Server Mod URLs (used tinyurl to shorten)

Please note, not all of these mods are meant for the players and rather the server administrator(s).

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