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Axe Smiths

Forging Our Greatness

The Axe Smiths forge their own destiny. By completing quests and winning the House Competition, you will prove that you are a master craftsman of the noble house, Axe Smiths. Join us and sharpen your axe against our foes!

Our Story

Our house comes from a long line of Blacksmiths, beginning with our founder, Robert Robertson. Once a blacksmith that forged weapons for great armies, Robertson was hailed as the greatest blacksmith to ever live. Eventually he grew tired of forging weapons for armies, and he sailed to a far off land to build a new life. He continued forging, but rather than forging for battle he forged tools for building. One particular tool was the axe, his axes were so good that people travelled months just for the chance to purchase one. Eventually, his axes were used in competitions across the land.

Robert Robertson's travels brought him here, where he joined with the other house founders to build the houses and forge the competition. We compete to bring honor to our house and the name Robert Robertson!

House Members

House Leader: Robert Cormican


Jacob L

Jeff C

Logan D

Jack H

Bobby H

Sammy A

Andrew K

Kyle D

Tim H

Mike M

Peter L

Zach G


Lux B

Zachary A

Kelsey E


Brandon S

Lyle N

Amber V

Nick H

Tyler E

Finn D

Megan Q

Ryan W

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