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Blood Sucking Gamers

Doing what we love and taking down the competition!

We are die hard fans of games and anything related. Join the Blood Sucking Gamers to prove to the other houses why those filthy casuals don't deserve to win the house competition!

Our Story

Long ago, there was a child, named Chad. He loved games, any type really. He played them casually, but then he decided to go to his first tournament. While there he destroyed his competition, and he discovered his love for battle. After that day he took on a new name, Chad The Gamer. Every time he went to a tournament he would win. Eventually people started to follow him to try and learn his ways. He and his followers found themselves here, with the other founders. Here, he decided to join them to create the houses and the ultimate competition. We have been here ever since.


We continue to follow his legacy of gaming and competing. Some of us play in the tournaments and others play casually, but we all compete in the House Competition together. Join this house and discover the glory of the Blood Sucking Gamers!

House Members

House Leader: Kevin Pearson


Brittany P

Morgan H

Chris S

Caitlyn H

Josh H


Edwin G

Matt W

Henry T

Michael J

Francis R

Roberto PK


David F

Michael O

Mav H

Laura C

Cody H

Kirk H

Max C

Mike J


Matthew B

William D

Jacob A

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