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Crushing Our Enemies With Our Mighty Muscles

The Tricep-Ceratops crew is the best there is! With our mighty muscles and our awesome power we will crush any quest set before us and win the House Competition! Join us and experience the glory of the Tricep-Ceratops!!

History of the Tricep-Ceratops

Since the dawn of the dinosaurs, the Triceratops has been prey to many predators. Even with their massive horns they couldn't escape their enemies. Then one day a leader arose, Arnold Trischwarzatops, this SWOL triceratops taught the rest of his dinosaurs the power of lifting. Since then the Triceratops have been at the top of the food chain by crushing their enemies with their massive muscles. They would come to be known as the Tricep-Ceratops.

Our house is dedicated to these glorious Tricep-Ceratops. We carry on the proud tradition of crushing our enemies. Massive Muscles or not, we carry their ideals forward to dominate the playing field. 

House Members


House Leader: Trent Holewa


Olivia O

Laura M

Connor P

Elizabeth H

Isaiah A

Parker G

Mark S

Spencer I

Kelly L

Andrew D

Alec K

Noah S


Luke A

James A

Gregory R

Eric C

Alex F

Vanessa M

Miles E

Troy M

Jack S

Andrew H

Erica Z

Natalie P

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