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Zombicide: Gears & Guns

Zombicide: Gears & Guns

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Gears & Guns features an alternate setting to Undead Or Alive, in a world powered by steam! The new survivors and the equipment they have feature new Full Steam rules, unleashing tremendous power against zombies at the risk of getting depleted. Explore the retro-futuristic city of Bolton’s Reach along the 10-Mission campaign, and be careful of this new era’s Abomination: the Steam Monster!
A Steampunk Campaign expansion for Zombicide: Undead or Alive, featuring a new Survivor class and new and powerful Steam weapons! Team up with family and friends to play through a 10-mission steampunk campaign and survive the zombie invasion of the wild west!
Includes a new Survivor class into the mix: Engineers! They have unique abilities that synergise with the campaign missions and weapons.
Discover more advanced weaponry and rules to go Full Steam, empowering your Survivors to take on bigger hordes.
This is an expansion, a copy of Zombicide - Undead or Alive is required to play.
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