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Zombicide: Chronicles - Field Guide

Zombicide: Chronicles - Field Guide

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The Field Guide for Zombicide: Chronicles gives players a whole host of new gear for their games. From mundane to military-grade, this 60-page book has stats for a little bit of everything.

-New Weapons - All manner of weaponry is covered in the Guide, from small firearms to heavy weapons, complete with rules for how to use them in your games.

-New Gear - Mundane items as well as vehicles also feature in the Guide. Grab a new set of wheels or a quick meal and keep on Surviving.

-New Survivor Skills - If you want a Survivor that used to be in the military or police force, there's new skills for them presented in the Field Guide, letting you customize them to your liking.

-Also included are rules for new vehicles and special skills for law enforcement and paramilitary Survivors.

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