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Zombicide 2nd Edition Extra Players Upgrade Set

Zombicide 2nd Edition Extra Players Upgrade Set

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Zombicide 2nd Edition: Extra Players Upgrade Set

Humans are social animals. We just love a good get-together, even if that get-together is the end of the world. Adding more people to the party might mean we need more resources, but it also means more eyes keeping a look-out for zombies and more weapons for when those zombies attack. As they say, the more, the merrier. The Zombicide 2nd Edition Extra Players Upgrade Set lets players add more people to their games of Zombicide. It contains plastic dashboards, starting equipment, counter bases, and trackers to bring your Survivor count from 7-12 for their games. Everyone loves a good party

The More, The Merrier: Add up to six more players to your games of Zombicide 2nd Edition.

Dashboards, Trackers, and Equipment: The plastic dashboards, trackers, and starting equipment make sure the extra players have everything they need to play along.

Track Your Survivor: The six counter bases help distinguish one Survivor from the next on the board.

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