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The city is overrun with superpowered villains! Assemble your team of heroes to lock them up, but be wary - in this hidden role game, caution may be your best tactic!

The city is under siege after the prisoners of East Side Penitentiary gained powerful abilities and escaped. Heroes must rise up, allying with the Agency to fight crime and return order to the streets.
In Vigilante, players take control of a team of heroes to complete their secret missions. These missions will place them on opposing teams - good, neutral, or evil! With nearly 200 unique cards, including different scenarios and missions, Vigilante provides a high level of replayability and some incredible art.
Vigilante is a blend of action management, tableau-building, with a hint of social deduction.
Will you quell the flames of an uprising, or will you fan the flames and join the chaos?

How to Sell the Game:
  • Inspired by Social Deduction 'hybrid' games - Dead of Winter, Dark Moon, Unfathomable/Battlestar Galactica
  • Hidden roles include competing Good and Evil objectives, but also a chaotic element (Neutral roles)
  • Large roster of heroes, villains, and different ways to play the game create lots of variability/replayability and translate into great value
  • Advanced mechanics (mercenaries, advanced roles, advanced scenarios) add optional extra layers for experienced gamers
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