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Spirit Island: Branch And Claw Expansion

Spirit Island: Branch And Claw Expansion

SKU: 798304339307
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By Foxtrot Games and Renegade Game Studios

How can the Spirits drive the invaders back to their boats and off our island? We must grow, change, and find new paths - if we stay as we are, we shall die, and the Island with us.

Bring forth the natural chaos, and let our new ways be of both Branch and Claw! We shall summon predators from the heart of the island, wilds from every patch of ground, illness from the twisting mists, and turn the hearts and minds of invaders against one another.

More Spirits answer the call, but the invaders redouble their efforts. Can you stop them in time?


  • 1 Invader Board Extension
  • 2 Spirit Panels
  • 4 Scenario Panels
  • 1 Adversary Panel
  • 20 Scenario Markers
  • 2 Adversary Reminder Tiles
  • 4 Player-Aid Cards
  • 31 Minor Power Cards
  • 21 Major Power Cards
  • 8 Unique Power Cards
  • 7 Blight Cards
  • 15 Fear Cards
  • 25 Event Cards
  • 1 Adversary-Specific Event Card
  • 88 Tokens
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