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Secret Lair: The Tokyo Lands - Etched Foil

Secret Lair: The Tokyo Lands - Etched Foil

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Take a trip to Tokyo with these stunning, real-world inspired lands. Your highly experienced tour guides will be artists Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, Andy Williams, Mr. Misang, Yuumei, and Nicole Gustafsson & Marija Tiurina. They'll be taking you to five stunning Tokyo destinations that accentuate any deck or collection. Just remember to lift your jaw off the floor - good tourists don't leave anything behind.

� 1x Foil Etched Full-art Plains
� 1x Foil Etched Full-art Island
� 1x Foil Etched Full-art Swamp
� 1x Foil Etched Full-art Mountain
� 1x Foil Etched Full-art Forest
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