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Secret Lair: Stranger Things - Foil

Secret Lair: Stranger Things - Foil

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The mysteries of Hawkins and the Upside Down have come to Magic: The Gathering! This Drop features eight brand-new cards and a unique Clue token. Call upon some of your favorite characters from the show and apply their unique talents in unforgettable games. Whether you view them as Commanders or collectables, this drop is perfect for the biggest Stranger Things and/or Magic fan in your life - especially if that fan is you! Stranger Things �/ � Netflix. Used with permission.

Product Contents
� 1x Chief Jim Hopper Foil Edition
� 1x Dustin, Gadget Genius Foil Edition
� 1x Eleven, the Mage Foil Edition
� 1x Lucas, the Sharpshooter Foil Edition
� 1x Max, the Daredevil Foil Edition
� 1x Mike, the Dungeon Master Foil Edition
� 1x Mind Flayer, the Shadow Foil Edition
� 1x Will the Wise Foil Edition
� 1x Clue Token Foil Edition

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