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Secret Lair: Monster Movie Marathon

Secret Lair: Monster Movie Marathon

SKU: 195166109640
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Key Features:

  • 1x Hand-Drawn Beast Within
    1x Hand-Drawn Blasphemous Act
    1x Hand-Drawn Dismember
    1x Hand-Drawn�Grafdigger's�Cage


This�Superdrop�only, we've got a bone-chilling quadruple feature by the macabre maestro Martin�Ansin. WATCH in terror as man becomes monster in �Beast Within!� COWER in fear at the unspeakable terror of �Blasphemous Act!� RECOIL in horror at a doctor's madness in �Dismember!� FLEE the terrors of�Amonkhet�in �Grafdigger's�Cage!� Get your tickets soon - when these shows leave the theater, they're not coming back.

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