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Root Clearing Book

Root Clearing Book

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The Clearings of the Woodlands Need Vagabonds!
As a rule, most denizens don't trust vagabonds - outlaws who wander the Woodland without a home - but there are times when the problems a clearing faces can't be addressed by anyone. . .except those vagabonds willing to take the job.
This Clearing Booklet contains the following clearings:
 • Hookfoot Bog has always been a swampy marsh of hard mice, one in which many denizens have lived their whole lives. How will they deal with the change that the conquering Marquise brings to the clearing?
 • The folk of Sixtoe Stand see themselves as inheritors of legend, but their recent battles mean they must throw themselves in with one of the factions at war in the Woodland. But which factions will they turn to?
 • Limmery Post - and outpost at the edge of the Woodland - remains a well-fortified clearing, perfect for a new Woodland Alliance base. Can the Alliance's leaders convince the denizens of the Post to join the cause?
 • Coolclaw Mine is one of the Woodland's most lucrative mines; the Marquise herself sent the trusted Lord Scowl to secure the clearing right away. . . but now food has grown scarce. How will he address the brewing insurrection?
Each clearing contains interesting conflicts, important residents (with stats), unique locations, and special rules. You can use these clearings as the setting for a one-shot or as part of a longer campaign in the broader Woodland.
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