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Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3

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This spine-tingling campaign board game will have you sleeping with the lights on. The latest instalment in the tabletop Resident Evil universe, Resident Evil 3: The Board Game builds on the survival horror engine that kept players of Resident Evil 2: The Board Game on the edge of their seat.

It was an ordinary day in Raccoon City�and then the outbreak began. Tiptoe into a cooperative survival horror experience based on Capcom's classic Resident Evil 3: Nemesis video game. For the first time ever, explore Raccoon City as an open world on your tabletop, searching desperately for parts of the cable car that will whisk you out of the city alive - if you can survive that long.

Fight your way through iconic locations like the Raccoon City Police Department and Saint Michael's Clock Tower, working together to search for items and make meaningful choices on how to progress. All the while, the city danger level is rising. The higher it gets, the more lethal your enemies become. And if it reaches the top? Game over.

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