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Pink Dex 12 Binder

Pink Dex 12 Binder

SKU: 632687612544
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The Dex Binder Noir 12 provides the ultimate in style and protection for your treasured collection. They comfortably hold 480 double or single sleeved cards in side-loading pockets and utilize an additional flyleaf before the first and after the last page to provide additional protection. The exterior is constructed with the same Saffiano exterior as the Creation Line Deck Boxes with added padding for an extra luxurious feel. Dex Protection uses a black velvet lining for that extra smooth touch. Dex Protection has done away with flimsy straps and use a triple reinforced band that keeps a tight closure to keep your cards safe!
Holds 480 double or single sleeved, standard sized cards
20 side loading acid and PVC free pages
Additional fly leaf before the first and last pages for added protection
Real black velvet interior
Triple reinforced elastic strap
Padded Saffiano exterior
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