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OmniHive 1000 Red

OmniHive 1000 Red

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The mega box to store your entire collection as flexibly as you want! Discover the new Omnihive 1000+! The ultimate spacious and flexible box for storing large collections. This box can hold over 1000 double-sleeved cards or carry multiple decks and/or Play-Mats as well as other Ultimate Guard products like the Sidewinder 133+. Two removable, magnetic, adjustable and stackable drawers make this box unique: it adapts to all types of games and formats, and allows you to store and use your collection in many different ways. Features: - Designed for 1000+ standard size double-sleeve or 1250+ single-sleeve cards in Ultimate Guard sleeves* - Modular design allows Ultimate Guard products to be combined - Two magnetic drawers for positioning and storage flexible props or double-sleeved cards - Suitable for cubing and other formats like Commander/EDH**. - Convenient for transporting multiple decks, dice and/or play mats - Easy access - Durable Xenoskin material - One-color design with quality microfiber inner lining - Powerful magnetic closure with additional ZnapClaw locking mechanism Dimensions approx. : 238 x 92 x 407 mm * Designed for Ultimate Guard pouches. Other brand covers may affect capacity/compatibility ** "Magic: The Gathering" and "Magic: The Gathering Commander" are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast.
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