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OmniHive 1000 Black

OmniHive 1000 Black

SKU: 4056133023382
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The ultimate spacious and flexible box for storing large collections. This box can hold more than 1000 double-sleeved cards or carry multiple decks and/or Play-Mats plus other Ultimate Guard products like the Sidewinder 133+. Two removable, magnetic, adjustable and stackable trays make this box unique: it’s adaptable for all kinds of games and formats and enables multiple different ways of storing and using your collection.

- Designed for 1000 double-sleeved or 1250 single-sleeved standard sized cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*
- Convenient for carrying multiple decks, dice and/or Play-Mats
- Resistant Xenoskin material
- Monocolored design with quality microfiber inner lining
- Two magnetic trays for flexible positioning and storing of accessories or double-sleeved cards
- Strong magnetic closure with additional ZnapClaw locking mechanism
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