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National Parks: Get Wild

National Parks: Get Wild

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This board game is exciting and fast-paced as players will be scrambling to take animals out of their national park and put the right ones in. In preparing for a new round, each player will receive a certain number of animal tokens for their national park game board and three dice. Simultaneously, everyone rolls their dice to see which animal to move, how many, and in which direction. Animals rolled that are not native to a player's national park can be taken out while native animals can be grabbed and put in. Players will try to quickly collect their dice to roll again until one player has only the animal belonging to the park on their gameboard. After finishing a round, players will figure their scores and then rounds will be repeated until a player achieves the needed points to win. Anywhere from 3-6 players can play and a full game will usually last around 20 minutes.

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