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MetaZoo UFO Blister

MetaZoo UFO Blister

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A light in the sky, a strange vibration, and then… FLASH! You’re caught in a tractor beam! MetaZoo: UFO seeks to finally identify the unidentified. Flying saucers soar over crop circles, small aliens fire laser guns, and every day shows a new cosmic phenomenon. Strange men in black suits surround crash sights, and the Flatwoods Monster finally reveals itself to the world! Seek shelter while you can or fight back against the invasion! Experience all of this with MetaZoo UFO – Blister Pack – First Edition.

Each blistered booster pack for MetaZoo UFO – Blister Pack – First Edition contains

1 MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — UFO booster pack;
1 MetaZoo metallic coin
1 exclusive MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — UFO holographic promo card.
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