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Drawn To Adventure

Drawn To Adventure

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Drawn to Adventure is a campaign-driven, roll-and-write game for 2-4 players. Each player uses a dry-erase flip-book that contains six different hex-grid maps. Each round players draft dice to move their adventurer meeples across the map and complete quests in adjacent hexes. By completing quests, players earn experience, mana, and treasure. These are used to unlock character skills, activate special powers, and score points.Each game is played over a three-map campaign. The adventurers must travel from realm to realm to help ward off evil and mischievous monsters - while also overcoming any other challenges that may await them... After the third map is finished - and peace and harmony have been restored - the player with the most treasure wins.So grab your mighty pen and come along! Fame and fortune await those who are Drawn to Adventure!

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