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Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island

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The theme park biz is a totally different world since scientists discovered dinosaur DNA and patented the process of creating Dinosaurs in labs. Remember when a new coaster could bring in a crowd? Ha! Try the latest, petrifying carnivore from the Cretaceous period and you've got yourself an audience.

So, you think your little company can make it in this world? Hopefully you've ironed out the logistics. Competing in Dinosaur Island takes more than just creating the rarest dinos in your fancy private lab. When owners go rogue and the dinos get ever bigger without accounting for the security those bad boys take. You want your guests eating dinner at the park� not becoming it.

Dinosaur Island is a nail-biting worker placement game for up to four players created by Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter, Wasteland Express Delivery Service) and Brian Lewis (Titans of Industry). BUILD THE PARK.

10 custom 4 color translucent DNA dice (heat transfer process for printing)
1 Track Board
1 Research Center Board
1 Marketplace Board
4 Player Park Boards
4 Player Lab Boards
50 Custom Dino Meeples
17 Dino Recipe Tiles
20 Paddock Tiles
20 Double-Thick recessed punch Lab Tiles
27 Attraction Tiles
36 Workers (meeples)
80 Patrons (mini meeples)
1 draw bag
74 coins

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