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Crimson Vow - Set Booster Pack

Crimson Vow - Set Booster Pack

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� Best MTG booster for opening packs just for fun
� Total of 12 Magic: The Gathering cards per pack

Each Set Booster contains 12 Magic cards, 1 Art Card, and 1 token, ad card, Helper card, or special card from Magic's history (a card from "The List"). Each pack contains a combination of 1-4 Rares and/or Mythic Rares, 2-7 Uncommons, 3-8 Commons, and 1 Land card. One non-Art Card and non-Land card of any rarity is a traditional foil. A foil-stamped Signature Art Card replaces the Art Card in 5% of Set Boosters. A card from The List replaces the token or ad card in 25% of Set Boosters.
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