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Welcome To The Forge!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for visiting our website and taking the time to read the blog! We are happy to bring the new and improved website to you. Some of the new things you'll see are the option to buy things directly from our website, weekly event schedules, options to pre-pay for events, upcoming competitions, our new House system and competition, and of course the blogs! Some of you may have noticed, but we are constantly making changes to our store so be ready for changes to happen here too!

We'll be using the blog space to talk about some of the events that have been happening here, our day to day at The Forge, and some other fun things. You will also have the option to comment on our blog and give your opinion, but remember, this is a public space, so let's keep it clean. We want everyone to enjoy these posts. What are some topics you'd like us to talk about?

We are excited to continue bringing things to you, our Forge Family!

Thanks for reading,

The Forge

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Isaiah Armstrong
Isaiah Armstrong
Feb 01, 2023

I would like to see some DnD and possibly Yugioh content, although I know there isn't much of a Yugioh player base at the forge.


Looking forward to using the new website and participating in the quests! Are you planning on any new regular events this year?

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