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The Forge Houses

Houses? Quests? What's The Deal?

So, you've been sorted into a house. What's next? Consider this your syllabus. Your role in the house is to complete quests! On this page you will find a list of Daily and Weekly Quests. These quests will rarely change so you will always have the opportunity to collect them week to week. We will also be posting these quests along with a few other specialty quests in the store on the quest board.


Some of you may have noticed that our loyalty program has recently changed. Instead of earning Loyalty Points for purchases you are now earning XP. This is because we are combining your loyalty points with points you will earn for completing quests. By completing quests you will earn XP! You can use this XP for wheel spins, games with the guys, packs, and some other goodies that we hope you will enjoy.

Every quest you complete will also go towards your House Total! This will be important in the House Competition section. (See Below)

Each house will have their own channel on Discord to talk, post memes, bond, plan events if they want, and whatever else they my want to do. This will also be a direct link to your house leader. You can reach out to them for help with anything regarding the competition, quests, or general help at The Forge.


We hope that everyone will have fun completing quests and earning XP!!

House Competition

Now that you know about the quests and how to earn XP let me introduce you to the House Competition! The competition is a team challenge. Each member of your house can earn points for your house by completing quests. Every quest that you complete will add to your house points. All you have to do is show your completed quest to whomever is working at The Shop to add to your house total. The house total Quest Tracker is located at the top of this page so that everyone can see which house is leading the competition! Each completed quest will only add 1 point.

The rules are simple. Earn points for your house by completing quests. Encourage the other members of your house to complete quests so that your house will win! After 3 months the House Competition Season will end and the winner will be declared!

All members of the winning house will receive 10% off or 15% off if you have a membership with The Forge of all purchases made for one week and a pizza party in their honor!

Daily Quest Board
Each Daily Quest is Worth 5XP

  1. Talk To Me Goose!

    • Comment on a post made on our Facebook or Instagram

  2. Pave The Way

    • Participate in the Pioneer tournament

  3. Smash The Competition!

    • Particpate in the Smash tournament

  4. Picture Perfect

    • Post a photo of you playing a game at The Forge and tag The Forge

  1. The Very Best!

    • Participate in the Pokemon Tournament

  2. Social Interaction

    • Bring a friend to The Forge

  3. Welcome To The Modern Age

    • Play a game of MTG Modern

  4. Shout It From The Rooftop!

    • Share one of our Facebook or Instagram posts

  1. Command The Hordes

    • Participate in MTG Commander

  2. Flashy Clothes!

    • Post a photo of you wearing Forge Merch on social media and tag us

  3. Sometimes You have To Lose To Win

    • Spin a Loser Selfie on the Wheel

  4. Talk To Me Goose!

    • Comment on one of our Facebook or Instagram posts

  1. Draft Day

    • Participate in the Friday Night Magic Event at The Forge

  2. Assemble!

    • Participate in Crisis Protocol at The Forge

  3. Social Interaction

    • Bring a friend to The Forge

  4. Aww Shucks

    • Like one of our Facebook or Instagram Posts

  1. Unseen Rewards

    • Participate in the Sealed Magic Event

  2. Do I Really Have To?

    • Sort Cards for an hour at The Forge, either ours or yours

  3. Teaching License

    • Teach someone a new game at The Forge

  4. Aww Shucks

    • Like one of our Facebook or Instagram posts

  1. Meeting of the Meeples

    • Play a Board Game at The Forge

  2. Galaxy Far Far Away

    • Play Star Wars Legion at The Forge

  3. World Building

    • Completely paint a miniature at The Forge

  4. New Meeples!

    • Teach someone a new Board Game at The Forge

  1. Dueling Amongst Friends

    • Play Flesh and Blood at The Forge

  2. Game of Thrones

    • Play A Song of Ice and Fire at The Forge

  3. Shout it from the Rooftop!

    • Share one of our Facebook or Instagram posts

  4. Early Bird Special!

    • Visit The Forge before Noon

Weekly Quest Board
Each Weekly Quest is Worth 10 XP

  1. A Mighty Conquest

    • Complete one game of Warhammer at The Forge

  2. Adventurers Unite!

    • Play a session of a Tabletop RPG at The Forge

  3. Gossip Column

    • Read and Comment on a Blog Post on The Forge Website

  4. Over Achiever

    • Complete 10 Daily Quests

  5. Frequent Flyer

    • Visit The Forge 3 days this week

Don't Forget To Come To The Store to Complete The Extra Quests On The Quest Board!!

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