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Paint Calender

Nov. 18th - 19th

-Dwarven Axe Paint Competition

-1 Hour Paint Competition

Wednesday Nights: 6pm 

-Casual Paint Night

Oct. 7th: 10am

-24 Hour Paint Competition

Dwarven Axe

Rules and Regulations


  • $10 an entry.

  • You can enter up to one entry per category.

  • We will be livestreaming constructive criticism.

  • Can't wait to see all entries!


1 Hour Paint Competition


  • Everyone has the same mini

    • These will be 3D printed by The Forge

    • Models come unprimed

  • Painting timeframe is a month

    • Get your model at the first week of the month

    • Turn in model on the last week of the month

  • Entry fee is $5

  • Voting is done by popular vote

    • Cast a ballot at the start of the next month

    • Voting completes by the end of the first week of the month

  • Winners will be announced following the tally!

    • First, Second, and Third places

    • Winners get store credit



  • No voting for your own model

  • No modifying the model

    • Basing can be added, base size cannot be modified

  • Have fun! Let’s see them awesome skillz

With this competition, everyone is starting with the same model, so pure painting ability and time given will dictate the winner!

24 Paint Competition

Only the strong will survive. Can you paint for 24 hours straight? This competition is not for the faint of heart. Just kidding, come hang out and paint for as long as you can! All donations go to a local charity. We will start at 11am and paint for as long as you can. The competition is over at 11am on the 26th. The only stipulation: you must paint constantly. You can take bathroom breaks and walk around once every hour. That's it! Have fun!

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