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Das Boots

Marching Towards The Future!

Welcome to House Das Boots. In this house we march past the competition leaving them far behind. With killer instinct we will efficiently defeat the enemy by completing the most quests every season. For Das Boots!!

Our Story

Our founder was a warrior in a great war that you have not yet heard of. Taking place far away in the galaxy many years from now, they found themselves caught in a portal. This portal transported them to the past on earth. With no way of getting back home they decided to start this house to pass their knowledge onto this past generation that would eventually play a crucial part in the future.

Even though we know nothing of our founders time and why they believe completing these quests will help it, we still do them to honor the founder and because they are fun.

House Members

bro war ryan_edited.jpg

House Leader: Ryan Wales


Chuck R

Alex H

Neal B

Josh F

James M

Lliam D


Jon M

Dan E

John A

Max T

Caleb S


Adam S

Matthew M

Paige B

Dylan K

Phil S

Kelsie C

Ned S

Hope M

Carter H

Aaron R

Charlie S

Eli P

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